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Corporate IT Transition

"Transitioning" can mean more than just moving; it can mean switching to a new outsourced IT services provider as well as updating your network system. Transitioning your technology adds a different level of complexity – and the need for specific technical expertise. Whether you're moving down the hall or across town, Boundless IT Services’ business IT support services ensures that your IT transition is well-planned and successful. We ensure your company is secured, running, and maintained when you make the transition.

The Perfect Opportunity to Switch Providers

Transitioning to a new environment and setting up hardware is the perfect opportunity to consider evaluating IT service providers to benefit your company. With our extensive technical skills and knowledge, Boundless IT Services can assess your existing IT support, and guide you in prioritizing and implementing improvements such as new technologies, software or hardware refreshes, or other upgrades. TEst

Consider the Upgrade

Whether you already have an IT service provider or you're looking into the idea of selecting one, it would be a great opportunity to explore the latest solutions to your IT challenges and consider upgrading to the latest software. Optimize your networks with new software, programs, and security measures by switching to virtualization, cloud computing, mobility, and more. Professional IT consultants will take the responsibility of installing programs the right way so there are no headaches later on.

It's all in the Details

Throughout our years in business, Boundless IT Services has developed a finely tuned methodology and the expertise for tackling technology moves small and large, with any level of complexity. We handle the IT requirements for dozens of corporate moves each year. Our sales team has partnerships with local moving companies to remove the burden of stress for you. Best of all, you can build the cost of those technology improvements into your moving expense.
  • Our seasoned, expert technical consultants provide thorough project management so that nothing gets missed – from critical upfront planning and site visits, to design and layout of the technology in the new space, to scheduling critical external utilities, such as Internet service, that keep your technology – and your business – running.
  • We’ll work with architects, builders, and property managers to determine optimal locations for power sources, cabling, and server room layout, and to ensure that there is sufficient power for your data center systems.
  • We can handle tear-down and the reinstall, and we’ll make certain that the “lights” are on when you arrive for work the next day.
Make the right move and contact Boundless IT Services to handle the technology aspects of your next transition.