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Thanks to advancements in technology, the past ten years have seen a tremendous shift in the way that businesses, their employees, and their customers interact. Today’s mobile society is more demanding of convenient, anytime-anywhere access to information and services – and businesses have responded. But our interconnected world is a high-threat environment. Any remote channel that provides access to your computers and network systems is a potential entry point for viruses and other malware.

Boundless IT Services secures your environment across these endpoints with leading anti-virus protection that proactively detects threats and addresses the sources of infection –before they have the chance to infect your system.

Guarding the Endpoints

Anti-virus software has evolved to protect against the many types of malicious code that exist: not just viruses that are programmed to sabotage your desktops and servers – but also Trojans, key loggers, spyware, dialers, and other malware that seek out and hijack your business’ sensitive information. Boundless IT Services anti-virus solutions provide security and data protection for all of your business endpoints, including:
  • Online (Web-Based)
  • Email
  • USB Keys
  • Applications such as P2P, VoIP, and IM
  • Mobile devices
  • Virtual resources

We've Got You Covered

Boundless IT Services has the technical expertise you need to assess, install, and manage the appropriate level of anti-virus protection across all of your business endpoints. Our industry-leading anti-virus solutions are offered as an IT managed service, providing you with worry-free, automatic protection against the latest threats with:
  • proactive anti-malware technologies
  • encryption that secures your data and achieves regulatory compliance
  • regular updates that protect against new versions of malware
Scalable for businesses of all sizes, Boundless IT Services delivers the protection you need and peace of mind that your data, your users, and your business are secured proactively against the latest malware and virus threats.