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Email Encryption

Depending on your business and the nature of your communications, email encryption may be important – or even necessary – in order to protect the sensitive content of your outbound emails or to comply with certain government regulations. In fact, did you know that 21% of all data loss can be attributed to accidental data leakage?

Customized Protection

Boundless IT Services email encryption is an affordable, flexible way to protect the integrity of your email content, preventing data leaks and unauthorized use of information by encrypting the content of your outbound emails – seamlessly, with no impact to the user experience.

Our expert IT consultants can set up your email encryption service quickly – in many cases, in as little as one day – and help you define your customized encryption policies based on a variety of attributes, including key words, sender, recipient, content, attachments, and more. Our automated non-proprietary technologies use 128-bit AES (FIPS-compliant) encryption to:
  • Safeguard the transmission of sensitive customer data or proprietary corporate data, such as new product development plans or research
  • Prevent accidental data leaks by flagging and blocking communications that contain preset key attributes

Total Ease-of-Use

Unlike traditional encryption solutions that can be expensive and often result in a complex end-user experience, Boundless IT Services email encryption:
  • is affordable and flexible, whether you have two users or thousands
  • makes no disruptive changes to the users’ workflow
  • does not require any client software installation
  • is supported on smart phones, including BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices
  • enables recipients to send an encrypted response back to the sender without any encryption infrastructure required